How does Shakespeare present the theme of DECEPTION and DISGUISE in Twelfth Night? Make close reference to at least 3 key scenes. Twelfth Night Essay

HALF TERM HOMEWORK Choose ONE to complete ready for performance after your return from the half term break (23.02.15) You will working towards earning one of the following achievement badges. 1. Poetry by Heart 2. Soliloquy 3. Speak to Inform HalfTermHomeworkKS3

(Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943) Photograph to WordsUsingourSensesWordsearch Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Postcards  

There’s enough on this planet for everyone’s needs but not for everyone’s greed — Mahatma Gandhi

Week 4 – Expository Writing through the theme of Conflict Lesson 1 – Title: Collaborating Learning Objective:  to identify where I have met the writing criteria and what my targets for improvement are. Lesson Two – Title: Making Your Title Learning Objective:  to be able to create a successful title and subtitle to support your […]

Why would a writer choose to use complex sentences when presenting information? Call Of Duty Article Understanding Complex Sentences- Lesson 2  

Building Our Own Complex Sentences – Lesson 4

World War II’s Most Glamorous Spy: Christine Granville   Features of an opening paragraph – World War II’s Most Glamorous Spy_ Christine Granville   You’ve probably never heard her name, but Christine Granville was a Polish beauty queen who had it all—courage, style, looks, and deadly skills—and she became one of Britain’s most valuable spies. […]

Untitled presentation Lesson 2 – My Grandfather